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ok so i was daydreaming when suddenly i got the strangest idea; what if instead of elsa accidentally freezing anna, elsa’s powers were slowly freezing herself to death?

lets really think about this; we know from the movie that whenever elsa got anxious, her powers are out of her control, so maybe whenever she starts getting anxious, she’s slowly freezing herself more and more as the negative emotions flare up and she has absolutely no control over it but shes so scared of hurting others with her powers

then the movie would have been about anna trying to find her sister and confused as to why elsa is being like this, when the reason is that elsa is so scared of hurting other people with her powers, not caring that her powers were hurting herself

then the act of true love would be elsa saving anna?? idk i didnt think this through all too much

i also really like the idea that the freeze-marks would still be on her after the events of the movie

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